Our Mission

The Special Education Parent Teacher Organization (Special Education PTO) endeavors to enhance the understanding, respect and excellence in the education of all differently-abled children in our community. We support, educate and empower families to effectively advocate for their children’s needs.  We have enjoyed a collaborative relationship with the community and the South Orange Maplewood School District for over 15 years.  We welcome all community members, especially families with children who have special needs or are atypical learners, and professionals working with our children.

Our Vision

The Special Education PTO:

  • Creates a supportive community, through monthly meetings held during the school year, to help families and professionals network, and share information about special education concerns, successes, resources.
  • Encourages communication among parents, teachers, administration, and professionals, to promote the educational, emotional and social welfare of differently-abled children.
  • Supports programs and professional development related to special education and atypical learning styles.
  • Collaborates with the South Orange Maplewood Board of Education, district administration, the SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Committee), the PTA/HSA Presidents Council, and other community members to support our mission.
  • Provides information and resources to families, educators, administrators and community members that will aid them in supporting or advocating for differently-abled children.

* Special thanks to the Livingston PPEC’s inspiring mission statement.